Pigmentation and knee rot. Sharon Stone, age 63, flaunts her legs in a miniskirt.

Sharon Stone, 63, decided to fulfill Instagram’s requirements by posting her new photo in its entirety. The Internet erupted in outrage after a photograph of the Hollywood actress in a miniskirt revealed her legs. Not without envious individuals discussing what they saw in the image’s comments, who did not appreciate its beauty.

“Beautiful woman,” “She looks great for her age,” “Aged,” “This is where photoshop would come in handy,” and “Natural process.” What surprises you?, “Accepts herself for who she is”, “Good for her that she’s not acting”, “Thank you, Sharon, for your candor”

“Queen,” “The most beautiful woman,” and “Everyone should look like that at 63,” wrote Network users. What are your thoughts, friends? Comment your thoughts below our post.

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