Four children were born as quadruplets to a 65-year-old woman! Take a look at them now, three years later.

Nowadays, women frequently give birth to children after turning 40. Women at this age have already established careers and financial security and are deciding to start families in their own right.

Annegret Raunig, a German woman, is the story’s protagonist. She made the decision to become pregnant despite being the mother of 13 children and the grandmother of 7 grandchildren.

The desire to have more children has always been present in Annegnet. The youngest daughter Anngret, who was 10 years old, eagerly anticipated the arrival of a new child.

Despite being aware of the numerous risks of pregnancy complications, the woman chose IVF. This family received a gift from fate when four babies were born at once!

Annegret entered the Guinness Book of Records after the birth of the quadruplets.

The quadruple birth made the woman’s family happy. The mother of the kids was given a prize by the authorities and signed a contract with a television network that wants to tell the family’s story on air. To a bigger home in Hörster, the family also relocated.

Annegret Raunig places more weight on her own desires and opinions than the opinions of other people. She is confident that everything will be fine and doesn’t worry about the future.

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